Art Department Procedure   Billboard Measurements   Frequent Asked Art Questions   
To help us stay organized and provide the best, quickest service please follow this procedure.

Please review the Artwork Spec Sheet 
before creating Art 

All layouts should be designed using 1in =1ft scale. 

 Answers You Want To Know.


1). Before the Art Department can begin any job we need a completed Work Order Sheet from your Capital Outdoor Sale Rep.  This helps us to verify the correct Lease number, size and instructions so that we can prepare the art properly for printing. If you have not already done so, please contact your Sales rep (  Stuart Robertson 540-815-6273 , Robert Sykes 919-873-9020 or Bill Bradshaw 804-357-2201 )  

To avoid delays due to incorrectly built files and layouts, please always review our Art Specs before creating or sending art to us.  
The Art Department only handles art (technical questions about art specs/layout, how to upload files, etc. and does not have info about location of billboard, pricing, due dates, post date or what the status of the billboard advertisement is.). 

2) Once we have received your artwork, we will review that it is built according to our Art Specs and size and then make a low rez proof for you to approve. If we are creating the design for you we will send you a proof layout to approve.

3) When we receive your final approval by email or fax, we usually send it to print within 24 hours.
(To avoid misunderstandings we cannot accept verbal/voice approvals, it must be in writing by email or fax or snail mail)

4) After the art is sent to print, the Art Department does not have information about what the status of a billboard is,
but In most cases billboards are posted in about 10 working days (holidays, weather and other unforeseen factors may cause some delays rarely). Tri-vision may take a bit longer due to the more advanced, technical installation process involved.


How to Calculate Inches on Artwork using 1in=1ft scale

1 inch = 0.083
2 inches =


3 inches = 0.250
4 inches = 0.333
5 inches = 0.416
6 inches = 0.500
7 inches = 0.583
8 inches = 0.666
9 inches = 0.750
10 inches = 0.833
11 inches = 0.916
12 inches = 1.00



Q.What are the Art Specifications I need to follow for a billboard I am designing and sending to you to print?
Q. What are the maximum number of words to put on a billboard?
A. Industry standard is approx. 7-10 words or less....if you keep it below 15 you may be ok and still be readable. Factors include speed of traffic, distance from road, size of billboard structure. 
Q.I'm not an artist and I've never advertised on a billboard before, can you do the design and layout for us if I give you my info?
A.Yes...with your imput. You can send or email elements (Logos, Photos, Info) to us and we can put it together for you. 
Q. I've designed magazine ads with photos at 300dpi, but have  never done a billboard. Does the resolution have to be even higher on the layout since it is so big?
A. No...most designs are done 1/12th the size of the actual billboard at 1inch equals 1 foot scale. For example a 10x40 foot billboard is actually designed at 11x41 inches ( with bleeds ) and with only 300dpi of resolution. This results in a clear print viewed from the road. If it is clear on your layout at 11x41 inches it will be clear on the billboard. Higher resolution on billboards does not result in clearer prints since they will be printed at 300dpi at 1/12th scale anyway. 
Q. Why do I need to include the bleeds in my layout?
A. Bleed areas help to give some safety margin so that the design can fit onto the billboard structure that may be slightly irregular in size. 
Q. Can I design my billboard in a program you don't have?  
A. It's not recommended...but works best to use what we use. Your  program may have the ability to export the file into a different format like JPEG or EPS, which we may be able to use. You will need to build your layout with the correct bleeds and size to ensure proper export. Otherwise we may need to rebuild it from your images and text. 
Q. How long does it take from the time I give you the art till the time a billboard is up on the highway?
A. If the contract is signed, the art is created correctly and the final proof approved, in most cases (except tri-visions), artwork is sent to print within one day of receiving a final proof approval from you and then it's usually up in about 10 working days. (holidays, weather, and unforeseen problems may delay sometimes).
Q. I want to design a billboard with big cutouts that extend off the billboard. Can I do this, and if so,what is the max. size?
A. Not all billboards are legally allowed to have extensions and some just won't accommodate them. Before designing anything  please contact the Sales Rep (NOT the art dept) to make sure this is allowed and get  an estimate of cost to produce...generally, top-outs and extensions are around $25 per square foot in addition to the billboard vinyl face. If top-outs or side-outs are allowed, the maximum size is 4 ft of extension height. keep in mind that Diagonals and irregular cuts out of a square are priced at whole sq ft.